Guardian Plan

Guarding your wishes.
Providing peace of mind.

Planning ahead means celebrating your life, your way - and saying goodbye on your own terms. Creating the time to look back on your story and designing a farewell that reflects you. 

That’s where our Australia-wide funeral planning service can help. Guardian Plan empowers you to take ownership of what matters to you, and removes the burden from your loved ones when it comes time to say goodbye.

  • Your farewell, your way
  • Today’s prices, no more to pay
  • Accepted at 250 accredited funeral homes
  • APRA-regulated
  • Save money on insurance
  • Save your family stress

Accepted at 250 accredited funeral homes, including:

Why plan ahead

A smart investment
Peace of mind

What’s the difference between Guardian Plan and funeral insurance?

In most circumstances, a Guardian Plan prepaid funeral is a better option than funeral insurance. A prepaid funeral is guaranteed from the moment of payment, whereas missing an insurance payment often means cover lapses. Insurance may also cost more over time and is not protected from inflation. Calculate the cost difference.

What does a Guardian Plan include?

A Guardian Plan includes the funeral service, transportation, mortuary care, coffin, documentation, professional support, and the personal touches you choose. Learn more

What happens to my money?

Guardian Plan bears the investment risk associated with your funds, not you. The funds are invested with The Over Fifty Guardian Friendly Society Limited. The Society appoints investment managers with appropriate expertise to manage the investments of the funds, in accordance with guidelines established by the Society, regulated by APRA. You can rest assured your money is held safely until the time comes for your funeral to be finalised, and the services will be provided according to the wishes you set out in the contract. Learn more